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  This page was updated on May 21, 2012

Forward by Moira Corrigan
Pictures and captions by Jack Richardson

You're most probably asking yourself, why should I care about the number 5000.

I'm always excited to bring in a new load of dogs, but I'm extra excited because tomorrow we will bring in greyhound number 5000. We'll actually get to 5011. So since John Hern founded our organization in 1985 as of tomorrow we will have brought in 5011 greyhounds. WOW!!!

#5000 will be a beautiful white and brindle, 9.5 year old brood mom by the name of Yosemite!!

February 2011 Update:  As of February 19, 2011 we have brought in 5,208 dogs!!!  Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers, adopters and part-time employees that work so hard to find these pups their forever homes.

August 23, 2009:  Yosie finds her forever home with Lynda in Canada.

May 20, 2012 Update - Today, sweet, brave Yosie (Pat C Yosemite), GPI's celebratory rescue hound No. 5000, slipped off to Rainbow Ridge at the tender age of 12 years plus.

Four months ago she had an intestinal cancer operation. In her remaining days she demonstrated how wonderful life was meant to be - frolicking in the Arizona sun, hounding all humans for ear scratches, smacking up her peanut butter treats (with hidden meds), enjoying her morning massages, bounding down the hall for walk-walks or visits to her adopted cousins next door. And, during that final period she even charmed two people into wanting to adopt a greyhound!

Yosie was a true champion in every way - 69 races, 2 litters of puppies - adopted at almost 10. She won many hearts and Her Worship will be missed by many.

Goodbye Sweet Girl.
Lynda B


August 15, 2009


GPI prepares for the arrival of Retired Racer number 5000 at Hern Greyt Works kennel along with 20 other new arrivals. Leashes are ready in the lobby and waiting for the arrival.

leashes.jpg (78995 bytes)



The Long-Long Trailer arrives at Hern Greyt Works at the end of the trip from Colorado.

trailer.jpg (79998 bytes)



Moira and Dr. Weir coordinate an unload procedures plan.
uploadplan.jpg (75841 bytes)


The usual suspects and several other participants are in place as the Welcoming Committee.
welcomecomm.jpg (75561 bytes)


Moira is ready to receive honored arrival number 5000.
ready.jpg (77520 bytes)


Dr. Weir opens the door to a new life for GPI Retired Racer number 5000 as the hound takes a first tentative look toward a new future.
delivery.jpg (92975 bytes)


Dr. Weir carries lucky number 5000 down the trailer isle for delivery to the anxiously waiting GPI volunteers.
transfer.jpg (83203 bytes)


Retired Racer Number 5000, "Yosemite", takes her first look at her new surroundings as she is received by GPI's President, Moira Corrigan.
receipt.jpg (72162 bytes)


"Yosemite" is impressed with what she sees and looks up at Moira and asks, "Can I stay?".
canistay.jpg (78268 bytes)


Moira replies, "Join us as the 5000th Ex-Racer who will forever be a GPI Greyhound as you find your Forever Home and adopted family."
welcome.jpg (77484 bytes)


Yosemite is handed off to Mary Gibbons' Escort Service, adorned in pearls, who has the honor of introducing Yosemite to the first chapter of her new life.
lookngood.jpg (59103 bytes)


Mary Gibbons, The Lady in Pearls, presents Yosemite with her very own brand new leash and makes adjustments to fit.
newleashe.jpg (62183 bytes)


Mary and her pearls escort "Yosemite" through this portal to the lobby of Hern Greyt Works.
portal.jpg (37767 bytes)


Upon entry into the lobby, Yosemite makes note of the prominently displayed name of GPI's haven for hounds, Hern Greyt Works, made possible by the generosity of John A. Hern Jr. who began rescuing ex-racers in 1985.
theworks.jpg (40547 bytes)


Yosemite, a demure brood mom 9 years young, surveys the rest of the lobby and exclaims "Okayyyy".
okay.jpg (53370 bytes)


Hmmm, Check In,.... I wonder if being number 5000 gives me any clout with the concierge (Marchet)?
checkin.jpg (73877 bytes)


Really! Runs not crates! After a life of me and the pups, would it be too much to ask for a private run with run service?
checkin2.jpg (67604 bytes)


Marchet says: "Yosemite dear, every hound here at GPI gets a private VIP run suite with full run service and attended by the best volunteers and employees an ex-racer could ever hope for. Welcome to Hern Greyt Works."
runsrvip.jpg (63208 bytes)


Wow Mary! This run is huge! Look at that comforter too.
hugerun.jpg (61386 bytes)


Run 19, I'll take it with much thanks!
takeit.jpg (71235 bytes)


Mary, Greyt kibble here, would you please cover me for a gratuity for the run service staff? Maybe some pearls or something?
RoomSvc97.jpg (86770 bytes)


Mary, Thank you so much. Please do not hold my calls or take messages, send visitors to me directly. I can't wait.
ivearrived.jpg (73342 bytes)


And so GPI receives ex-racer number 5000 into its care. The number grows with the generous warmth and commitment of countless volunteers, adopters and donors whose gifts of time and treasure preserve the gentle spirit, grace and affection of our retired racers. Yosemite and 4999 others say "THANK YOU!".


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