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Adril is Adopt-A-Greyhound Month!
This page was updated on April 1, 2016
April, Adopt a Greyhound Month

April is Adopt-A-Greyhound Month!!

Let’s get the word out about greyhounds and what wonderful pets they are.

How can you help?

POST (you don’t have to be a volunteer to do this):
- Print the flyer and hand it out at:
   o Booths
   o Your local vet
   o Your local pet store
   o Where you work
   o Any place else you can think of
- Post info on your social media page:
   o Share the info from our Facebook page

- Dog food (dry kibble)
- Bedding
- Time
- Dollars

- Sponsor a greyhound and help with their expenses while they wait for their forever family 

- Volunteer at the kennel doing turnout – contact Barbara Nehrling at 425-787-8853 (phone/text) or email her at bnehrling@gmail.com
- Volunteer at a booth – contact the booth op –
- We will have work parties coming up at the kennel (watch for the announcements) – come and help us keep the kennel looking beautiful.

-  Amazon.com items through the link on our website (GPI receives a percentage of every purchase)
-  A T-shirt - all the proceeds go to the dogs - http://shopgpi.org/collections/daffodil-adopt-a-greyhound 


The Flyer is available for printing and handing out here.

Purchase one of the beautiful greyhound with daffodil t-shirts, long sleeve, crewneck, hooded sweatshirts and youth styles.  We have it available in lots of colors and sizes. Check it out here.

We’re going to contact a number of media outlets to see if we can interest anyone in helping spread the word about Adopt-A-Greyhound Month.


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