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If you would like to meet Ace, please contact Marchet Anschell, 206-310-8038
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Tag No: 4755
Name: Ace
Registered Name: Ace High Club
Age: 3
Color: Brindle
Cat Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: OK with greyhounds, unknown with others
Kid Friendly: Unknown
Location: Bothell, WA

Ace is a friendly handsome boy. He does well with the other dogs at turnout. He loves to play with the ball at turnout time . He particularly likes a female named Honor. They tease each other, playbow and run together. Ace has the curliest tail - just too cute. His coat is bunny soft and gorgeous.

Ace has been at the kennel for quite some time now and really deserves a warm cozy spot in front of a fireplace for the holiday season. Could that spot be with you? Please let us know if Ace sounds like your boy.

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