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If you would like to meet Bella, please contact Marchet Anschell, 206-310-8038.
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Tag No: 4374
Name: Bella
Registered Name: Tim's Blazin Girl
Age: 5
Color: Black
Cat friendly: No
Dog friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Location: Edmonds, WA (Foster)
Comments: Bella is a very happy and personable girl who likes to "talk" to you, enjoys people, her walks and playing with stuffies. She's a "nester" and she loves to cockroach while she snoozes. She once nested her top quilt on her dog bed so hard, it got tossed into her water dish. She loves car rides and is good on-leash. Bella suffers from a seizure disorder and requires meds to control them. Her family felt she would fare better with someone who is around more than they are so they returned her. Bella is on phenobarbital, a relatively inexpensive medicine which seems to keep her seizures in check. She should be placed with a family who has some experience with seizures, and/or who aren't afraid of the possibility and is willing to give Bella her meds every day. Dogs on phenobarbital usually require annual bloodwork to see where their med levels are at which can be done at an annual check-up. Since arriving in GPI's care and being placed in a foster home since before Christmas, Bella has not had a seizure. She gets along great with all 5 greyhounds in her foster home. Bella loves to happily trot alongside you in the house and gently poke her nose into any unsuspecting hand that she can find hanging down to her level so that she can give you a gentle love nudge. We hope that there's someone out there who can give her a gentle love nudge back in her next forever home.
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