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Photo credits - Doug Barry, Jack Richardson and Benoit
If you would like to meet Benoit, please contact Colleen Stranix, 604-946-8202
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Tag No: 4504
Name: Benoit
Registered Name: TP's Benoit
Age: 5
Color: White w/Brindle
Cat friendly: No
Dog friendly: Large dogs, OK
Kid friendly: ?
Location: Vancouver, BC  (Foster)
Comments: The "catch of the month" is Benoit. Pronounced Ben-WAH or Ben for short, he was returned through no fault of his own. He is very much the gentleman in his foster home. He LOVES to go for walks and walks very well on a leash. Ben was very happy being an only dog at his former home yet he gets along very well with the greyhounds in his foster home as well as a miniature poodle. Ben is happiest when he is with his people. Ever since he became a GPI dog, he has always been a real snuggler. As far as he is concerned, he is an 80 pound lap dog.
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