If you would like to meet Celeyne, please contact Marchet Anschell, 206-310-8038.
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Tag No: 4405
Name: Celeyne
Registered Name: Okie Celeyne
Age: 9
Color: Dark Brindle
Cat friendly: No
Dog friendly: Ok with large
Kid friendly: Yes
Location: Kirkland, WA (Foster)
Celeyne is a friendly, fluffy, feminine little thing. She is extremely pettable and kissable and cuddly. As soon as she sees you, her tail goes “whop, whop, whop,” which is especially musical inside the crate where she often sleeps at night. It’s hard to believe this is a mature “brood mom” type when you see her romping with all her stuffies—she even fetches and drops the toys at your feet so you can toss them and keep the game going. She has a touch of mischief in her. She even wedged off the metal cover from our treat container! She likes to please, though, and is easily correctable. She enjoys the kids she has met at the booths. She’s a nut about squirrels. She needs human and canine companionship.
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