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This page was updated on April 30, 2009

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Tag No: 4518
Registered Name: Tapmar Cuzzy
Age: 11
Color: Black
Cat Friendly: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Yes, all ages
Location: Bothell, WA (Foster)
Comments: Such a sweet, pretty, loving little girl. She must have a greyhound companion. When her former greyhound friend died, she grieved terribly. Cuzzy is so happy with the other greyhounds in her foster family. Her foster mom says that Cuzzy cockroachs more than any other greyhound she's ever seen.  Can this sweet old gal cockroach on a sofa near you?  

Sponsor Cuzzy
Sponsored by the Naslund-Piatt family in honor of Penni


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