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If you would like to meet Dee, please contact Marchet Anschell, 206-310-8038
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Tag No:  4740
Name:  Detour, called Dee by her foster mom
Registered Name:  Detour Road
Age:  9
Color:  Fawn
Cat friendly:  No
Dog friendly:  OK with Greyhounds, unknown with others
Kid friendly:  Unknown, not tested yet
Location:  Seattle, WA  (Foster)
Comments:  Dee is a very sweet and very curious little girl. She certainly doesn't act like a 9 year old. Just this morning she all of a sudden decided she wanted to play with one of my shoes. I gave her a toy, which she had ignored until this point and she is now playing with toys. Food is finally becoming interesting to her since being here although she wants to check out everyone else's food to see if they have something better. From the minute that she walked in she has acted like she's always been in a home. What a wonderful loving companion she will make for someone. Dee also gets along absolutely fine with all the various greyhounds in her foster home.
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