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If you would like to meet Dollar, please contact Edie Guterriez, 360-438-3699

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Tag No: 4483
Name: Dollar
Registered Name: Civil Dollar
Age: 5
Color: Light Brindle
Cat friendly: No
Dog friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Location: Chehalis, WA  (Foster)
Anyone that is lucky enough to adopt this big, sweet loving boy will definitely find out that "true love" and "happiness" comes in a beautiful, sleek brindle body. Dollar has a "heart full of love" to give that is as big as him. He lives to be with people and being petted, loves going for walks, is excellent on car rides, gets along "greyt" with our Greys and Sheltie/IG mix, Nellie, is house-trained(will whine at the door) and will have you "in stitches" with his "toy tossing antics". He will "pile" his stuffies on his bed and then "select" one to toss in the air as high as he can and then "pounce" on it and do a "short run" with his tail wagging happily. He is always "happy" to see people and loves to put his head in our laps or lean into someone for attention and will "push" in between the other Greys to get his own "ear rub". He enjoys having his coat brushed and will just stand there for as long as you brush him. He gets along with children but because of his size might do well with older ones---one good happy "butt swing" and he accidentally knocks "little ones" down. He would prefer a home without cats but would need to have another dog for companionship. He definitely enjoys meal time and his treats and has even been known to do his "own" shopping when at pet stores. He has more than once "nabbed" a bag of goodies and carried them back with him. He gives them up without any protest but his eyes would "melt your heart" and he always gets a small "replacement" treat. This is a very special "sweetheart" of a "big guy" looking for a home to bring lots of love, laughter and "hound hugs" to. He would be the perfect Valentine for anyone's life.

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