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This page was updated on October 30, 2008

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Handy is a sweet, affectionate boy who is just waking up to the world outside the racetrack. He is curious and has a lot of energy. He enjoys long walks, playing with stuffed toys, and chasing and retrieving balls in the yard.

Although energetic, Handy has his quiet moods too. He loves to lay on the grass and soak up the sun. He likes getting affection and will lean into you as you pet him, or rest his head on your arm.

Handy is as smart as he is handsome. He knows his name and is making great progress on learning the commands "leave it", "come", "let's go", and "down." He quickly learned to go up and down stairs, and to hop in and out of the car. He is adapting easily to life in a house.

Handy gets along great with the other greyhound in his foster home and is friendly with other dogs on walks. He would do best in a home without small dogs or cats.

Handy has an enthusiasm and joy that is infectious. He's a big boy with a big heart and lots of love to give.

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