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This page was updated on April 30, 2012

Happy Boy
Happy Boy runs!
Happy Boy
Happy Boy
Happy Boy
Happy Boy

Happy Boy
Tag No: 5271
Registered Name: Kiowa Happy Boy
Age: 3.5
Color: Black
Cat Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: Yes, large and small
Kid Friendly: Unknown
Location: Woodinville, WA 
Comments: Happy Boy is just like his name; very friendly and happy. That tail always seems to be wagging. He is fairly calm for his age and even tempered. What a sweetie. Happy Boy needs a home without cats. Foster Home Update: As you can see from the photo, he gets along with our two little Chiapoos very well and they feel so comfortable with him that one was sharing his bed within the first hour of arriving at our house. He learned how to use the stairs very quickly, and took to his bed right away. Happy Boy rides very well in the car, loves to go for walks and is good on leash, and likes to play with toys. He has been a gentleman and done all his business outdoors. Although he is an energetic young boy, he knows how to restrain himself and be mostly calm in the house; he lets loose when turned out and runs a circuit around the yard a few times then bounds back in with tail wagging. Happy Boy needs regular walks and outings to burn a little energy and to keep from getting bored. Happy Boy is very interested in food and likes to put his nose on the kitchen counter but he responds well when told to "leave it". He is very eager to please and learning house manners will not be a problem for Happy Boy. Happy Boy is just that, one happy boy who wags his tail like crazy and gives kisses. He loves hugs, pets, kisses, neck scratching, belly rubs, and cookies in return. Foster Update: Happy Boy is adapting very well to home life. He is a very calm (except when you get his leash out), relaxed, affectionate, gentle and well-behaved gentleman. Early on Happy Boy chewed on a few things that weren't his, but he is so smart and eager to please that he has learned very quickly what is expected of him. Happy Boy has a bit of a peely nose which the doctor says is a benign form of Lupus, and his case is mild. The treatment has been to put Panalog cream on his nose until it heals and it is getting better. Happy Boy will be a wonderful addition to his future adoptive family.

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