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If you would like to meet Honesty, our October dog of the month, please contact Edie Gutierrez, 360-438-3699.
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Tag No: 4071
Name: Honesty
Registered Name: RSW Bo Honesty
Age: 12
Color: Brindle
Cat friendly: Quite trainable
Dog friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Location: Olympia, WA (Foster)

Comments: We have the pleasure of fostering a senior girl named Honesty, who is 12 years old. She is a delight to have around . She *loves* stuffies, they are her babies. She picks each one up ever so gently, takes it into her crate, licks it all over, then goes out for another. If someone squeaks a toy, she comes to rescue it. Honesty turned her head away from the cat in her first foster home, but is interested in sniffing where the cat has been. She met a lab puppy recently; the pup was thrilled with her, and Honesty smiled and play-bowed to the pup. Honesty is such a good, friendly girl, and very happy-go-lucky. Honesty was returned through no fault of her own and deserves a forever home to lounge around in. She does have the typical aging Grey problems but nothing serious at this time. She comes with an array of personal items, too many to mention here. She does love to sleep on the couch but has not tried any of the other pieces of furniture. She gets along well with our 3 Greys and Chihuahua. She was sleeping side by side with our Chihuahua the other day on one of the dog beds. She would be a wonderful addition to a Grey home and probably would be fine by herself. If anyone is interested in meeting Honesty please contact me and we could arrange it.

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