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This page was updated on May 31, 2011

These four boys have been with us for a while. Each one of them is a wonderful companion and each of them is so deserving of their forever homes. Won’t you help us find their forever homes!?


snoopynewcollage.jpg (353245 bytes)

snoopytitlejune.jpg (2642 bytes)
Tag No: 4582
Name: Snoopy
Registered Name: Slatex Snoop
Age: 7.5
Color: Brindle
Cat friendly: No
Dog friendly: Ok with greyhounds and larger dogs
Kid friendly: Older
Location: Woodinville, WA
Comments: Snoopy is a handsome brindle boy. Snoopy loves to be with his people and is very obedient. He knows several commands and really respects leadership. He is very good in a home and has excellent house manners. He loves toys and absolutely loves to play with a ball. He is a loving, playful and fun dog.

Snoopy has a very short tail. This is because we had to remove most of his tail because of its over-exuberance – it just wags and wags and wags. In fact, it seems to hum at times. Snoopy really is a happy soul. He also has one of the biggest overbites we’ve seen, but it just adds to his wonderful nature.

Snoop Dog likes affection, but does not like to be crowded. He likes to hang with you, but is not a Velcro dog; he’s happy to just hang nearby. He rides well in a car and walks well on a leash most of the time.

Snoopy would do well in a calm, experienced dog home. He’s a wonderful dog. Snoopy would do well in a home with a big fenced yard with someone who loves to play ball with him. We do not recommend Snoopy for an apartment/condo or a busy environment. He would do well in a calmer environment without a lot of commotion or busy children. He loves to learn new things and is very obedient.

Snoopy has never been an only dog, but we think it might be possible for him to be an only dog.

Likes: He loves playing ball and with toys. Loves to learn new things. Loves walks and running in the yard.

Dislikes: Children, some other breed dogs, small dogs, cats and busy, noisy environments.
Snoopy's video

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linkznewcollage.jpg (335714 bytes)

linkztitlejune.jpg (2429 bytes)
Tag No: 5077
Registered Name: Quik Linkz
Age: 5
Color: Black
Cat Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: Ok with greyhounds, not so with small dogs
Kid Friendly: Unknown
Location: Woodinville, WA
Linkz is a handsome black boy and will just make you smile. He has the cutest ears and a real bounce to his step. His tail never seems to stop wagging and it goes in all directions. He is eager to learn. Linkz is a fun boy and just a giggle to watch play. He loves to spin and entertain himself in the turnout yard.

When Linkz first came to us he was quite the wild man. With the help of some wonderful volunteers, Linkz has really settled down. He has good leash manners now and is very easy to handle. After a good run in the yard, he is happy to hang out with you and just chill. Linkz has not been in a home as yet, but we think he will learn the ropes very quickly. He loads easily into a car.

Linkz is more on the active side and we do not recommend him for an apartment/condo. Because of his activity level, we would also not recommend him with young children.

Likes: People, checking out new things, running in the yard, walks, playing.

Dislikes: Cats, small dogs, young children.
Linkz Video
New Linkz video!

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princenewcollage.jpg (305533 bytes)
princetitlejune.jpg (2173 bytes)
Tag No: 5046
Registered Name: Prince of Power
Age: 5
Color: Black
Cat Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: Ok with greyhounds, fine with small dogs
Kid Friendly: No
Location: Woodinville, WA 
Comments: Prince
is a handsome tuxedo boy with barely any white on him.  He has the cutest overbite and love those ears.  He is very affectionate, sweet, and quite the lovebug – definitely a leaner and lover.  He respects leadership and learns quickly. Prince knows several commands.  He is outgoing and friendly and loves people.  He loads easily into a car and likes car rides.  He is great on leash and loves walks.

Prince has been in a couple of homes and needs a home with a canine companion and clear, calm leadership.  He can be anxious about new situations and things, but with a clear, calm leader he does well.   We really think that someone who is willing to do some obedience training with Prince will really create a bond with him and he will be your buddy for life!!  He’s good around the house and very well behaved.

He is fine with small dogs and has lived with them.  We do not recommend Prince in a home with young children and would most probably do best in a calmer home.

Prince will need an experienced home and one with a canine companion (preferably female).

Likes:  People, being with you, affection, walks, car rides.

Dislikes:  Young children, noise and confusion.
Prince's Video

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smokeynewcollage.jpg (331258 bytes)
smokeytitlejune.jpg (2780 bytes)
Tag No: 5176
Registered Name: Smokin Terry
Age: 4.5
Color: Brindle
Cat Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: Ok with greyhounds, unknown with others
Kid Friendly: No
Location: Woodinville, WA
Comments: Smokey is a handsome, wonderful brindle boy.  He is friendly, happy, and outgoing.  He is affectionate and will just make you smile.   He loves to run and play in the yard and is always eager to learn new things.  Smokey at first was toy and food possessive, but with some training he now readily gives up toys and food.

Smokey is eager to become someone’s forever buddy.  He is eager to please and does well with most other dogs at turnout.   Smokey has never been in a home, but we think he will truly blossom in a home.

We don’t know if Smokey could be an only dog or will need a canine companion.

Likes:  Affection, playing,

Dislikes:  Children, cats.

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