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If you would like to meet Lilly, please contact Marchet Anschell, 206-310-8038
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Tag No: 2399
Name: Lilly
Registered Name: She's My Lilly
Age: 12
Color: Brindle
Cat friendly: No
Dog friendly: Large dogs, OK
Kid friendly: Yes
Location: Everett, WA  (Foster)
Comments:  Lilly is a very loving 12 year old. She has recently learned to use a doggie door. She loves to nest in her blankets and can occasionally be found on the couch. She has a good appetite and enjoys being around other greyhounds. Lilly still has some zip and energy and likes to romp around in the yard. She's a bit of a barker, loves snacks and attention. She is beginning to show her age and has some backend weakness but still has that sparkle in her eye. She would be fine around children and shows slight interest in cats.


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