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This page was updated on July 31, 2011


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Tag No: 5208
Registered Name: AHK Laughoutloud
Age: 3
Color: Brindle
Cat Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: Ok with greyhounds, not good with small dogs
Kid Friendly: Unknown
Location: Woodinville, WA
Loud is a big, handsome brindle boy. You have to love those ears. He absolutely loves to play ball and it’s a great way to exercise him!!! Loud has a wonderful personality and is very friendly and quite unlike his name. He is quite affectionate and loves to spend time with the volunteers at the kennel. He is a fairly mellow personality in the kennel. He does periodically (not all the time by any means) like to “talk” in the kennel, but we’re not sure how this would translate to a home. He most probably would not be a good choice for an apartment/condo both because of his talking and his love of playing ball.

Loud can be a bit tentative about smooth floors, but he does ok on them now.

Loud is a big, strong boy and we would not recommend him for the first time dog owner. He learns quickly and is eager to please.

Loud is not to be trusted around cats or small dogs. He’s yet to be around children so we don’t know how he would do in a home with young children.

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