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Our first Dog of the Month for 2007 is Marji!


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If you would like to meet Marji, our New Year Dog of the Month,
please contact Marchet Anschell, 206-310-8038.
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Tag No: 3738
Name: Marji
Registered Name: DJ's Cream Puff
Age: 7
Color: White w/Black
Cat friendly: Probably not
Dog friendly: See comments
Kid friendly: Yes
Location: Bothell, WA

Comments: Marji Claire (or Marji for short) is affectionate and beautiful. She will hide her nose in your lap or between your legs hoping for an ear scritch or a head massage. She is a leaner and a lover.

She is a happy, friendly, spunky girl. She has a helicopter tail that really goes into high gear when faced with the prospect of going for a walk. She loves walks and would be a good jogging companion. She loves to run and play in the yard and play with toys.

Car rides and going places are a favorite of Marji's. She is a good meeter and greeter and does well with children and people out in public. We are a little hesitant to recommend her for a family with young children in their home as she is a dominant female and is not good with small dogs and most probably not good with cats.

Marji is very good in the house. She knows the phrase "Do you want to go outside?" and then she will do her "happy dance" to let you know she needs to go outside.

Marji needs to be an only dog or she may do alright with a larger male greyhound.

Come and meet this delightful, friendly girl. She will light up your home.

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Pink flamingo border courtesy of MissPita