MAYA ~ JUNE DOG OF THE MONTH adoptedmaya.jpg (9414 bytes)
We are pleased to announce that Maya, our first dog of the month, was adopted on June 23, 2005.  :)

Tag No: 2735
Name: Maya
Registered Name: Katnip Brandi
Age: 9
Color: Brindle
Cat friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Fine with large, and small dogs
Kid friendly: 5+
Location: Bothell, WA (Foster)

From Maya's foster mom, Susie Kush: I've had Maya since November. Over the last several months we have discovered that she has been having mild seizures. She had one on a Sunday morning right in front of me. It was a little worse than normal and caused her to empty her bladder. Now I knew why she was occasionally incontinent. Since then she has been on a low dose of phenobarbital and no more seizures! The seizures really scared her and seemed to make her sad. And no more accidents in the house as long as she has a dog door to use.

She's also on supplements for her lupus and is no longer losing toenails. She gets fish oil, vitamin E and Niacinimide for that. Her nails are looking quite normal after all these months on the vitamins. I've also been able to finally put some weight on her and it seems to be staying there.

She's such a happy girl now. Every afternoon I play with my younger greyhound  in the back yard and she happily joins in. Recently, a neighbor brought her 8 week old Lab puppy over and Maya was very tolerant of his playfulness - and he had to taste her tail and ankles.  She really needs a home of her own.  She would do well with children 5 and up. Since we've been leasing space at a kennel near me, I'm busy there every weekend so I don't get Maya to booths very often. I'm happy to arrange for you to meet her wherever it's convenient.   If you'd like to meet Maya, please contact Marchet Anschell, VP for the area where Maya is being fostered, or call her at 206.310.8038

Afraid to adopt a senior?   Read more below about the joys of adopting a senior Greyhound!

Most senior Greyhounds seem to have endless tolerance and patience where children are concerned. And, the quiet dignity and noble bearing of the senior Greyhound lends itself to being the perfect companion for seniors, a quieter household, or anyone else for that matter, in our community. They are already house trained, know stairs and sliding glass doors. Originally, they were adopted when they were young but then lifestyles and circumstances in their families change. The Greyhound, now in its golden years, is returned to Greyhound Pets, Inc. Or perhaps the Greyhound was used as a brood matron or stud dog and, after several years of "making puppies", the Greyhound is no longer able to do its job. Whatever the reason, a Greyhound is available for adoption. These seniors make EXCELLENT companions and deserve the chance to be loved again. Please consider making a senior Greyhound part of your family.