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If you would like to meet Putter, please contact Marchet Anschell, 206-310-8038.
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Tag No: 4575
Name: Putter
Registered Name: Flying Putter
Age: 8
Color: Black
Cat friendly: Most likely not
Dog friendly: Ok with greyhounds, unknown with othersl
Kid friendly: Yes but see comments
Location: Bothell, WA (Foster)

Comments:  From Putter's foster mom, "Putter who I now call Pepper as she doesn't just putter around, is always busy. She did get into anything and everything as she is so curious but that is getting better. She now thinks that it is her responsibility to put every stuffie in the house in the wire crate in the living room. She works at this very diligently.

She is supposedly 8 1/2 but it is 8 1/2 going on 2. Absolutely full of vim, vigor and vitality. Pepper greets the day and you with incredible energy. Which actually has to be toned down a little bit. I would not suggest her with toddlers as she is so full of this excitement that she might knock them down in her enthusiasm.

What a fun, fun girl. She is just waiting for a loving family of her own."

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