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Tag No: 4091
Name: Redman
Registered Name: Red Hotman
Age: 6
Color: Brindle
Cat friendly: No
Dog friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes, with older. Too shy with younger
Location: Edmonds, WA (Foster)
Comments:  Redman is still in need of a home!  He wants a home with a big fenced yard with no obstacles in his way.

For the most part, Redman is a sweet, fun boy with a sense of humor and a zest for life. He's quite the kisser when he feels comfortable with people in his environment. Sometimes, he's confident and other times he's quite shy and timid.

Redman has an internal macho meter when it comes to men. If he senses that
you're coming on a bit too strong or if he senses you don't fit in his comfort zone, he backs away. Other men are just fine as far as he's concerned. He's OK with the men in his foster family but he does not want to be crowded in or hovered over by them or anyone, for that matter. Redman has environmental and food allergies which are easily solved with duck & potato food and some Benadryl.

Redman might do best with women or a family with a gentle soul in the male of the house with no small children or kitties. He would do best with a canine buddy and a family that has someone around most of the time.

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