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This page was updated on July 31, 2008

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Tag No: 4855
Registered Name: BB's Passemby
Age: 3
Color: White/Fawn
Cat Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: Ok with greyhounds, does not do well with small dogs
Kid Friendly: Older, due to jumping
Location: Tacoma, WA (Foster)

Comments: Pass is an active, loving, Velcro dog. He exuberantly greeted retired home life with great enthusiasm. So many new things to see, taste and do and he wanted to do them all at once. It is so cute to watch the light bulb turn on as he learns each new "trick", then prances around showing off and strutting his stuff. Such a sweet- faced, happy boy! Pass is very smart and has been learning the how to's for his new life. We are working on calmly riding in the car and leash manners, while he has learned housetraining, the doggie door and sit so far. He comes when he is called and gets along well with the other greys here. He ambles along behind them while they make their first dash of the day in the big yard, then returns to my side just in case there might be a treat or some loving for him. Pass flunked out of racing after only 8 races, preferring to trot or lope to get around. He is good with children and loves meeting new people and going new places. His favorite toy is a hard rubber toy with a noisemaker in it. While it is in his mouth, he prances around, shaking his head from side to side so it squawks, being just so pleased with himself! He loves to play fetch and when he gets tired, he lays down and chews on his toy awhile. Pass is a bit of a jumper, not on people or things, but a four legged hop straight in the air. He can jump up to touch my hand at 6 feet but has not yet discovered he can go over anything. Thank goodness for small blessings! Pass is very loving and gentle at the same time he is active and playful. He uses the toy box and most often takes the toy he wants and buries it in his bed of choice. Pass can be a bit willful at times while he is adjusting to his new life and would do best with an active family and another medium or larger dog. He would be OK in a smaller fenced yard but should probably have a 6 foot fence because of his jumping. Pass is looking for his forever home so he can get on with enjoynig this wonderful new life.

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