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If you would like to meet Shasta, please contact Edie Gutierrez, 360-438-3699.
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Tag No: 2174
Name: Shasta
Registered Name: Orange Light
Age: 11
Color: Fawn
Cat friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Location: Tacoma, WA (Foster)

Comments: Shasta is a sweet girl with lots of love left in her senior heart. She lived with a cat in her prior home and has done very well with the yappy Pomeranians she is living with now in her foster home, allowing them to clean her eyes and ears with their happy little tongues. She enjoys going for walks every morning and frequently plays a chase game with the year and a half old greyhound house mate. Shasta was returned due to no fault of her own. She has a degenerative neuromuscular condition which has made her legs weak (hind legs worse than front). This causes her difficulty to ambulate on wood floors. She also has difficulty using stairs. Shasta needs to be adopted by a loving family with no stairs or wood floors.

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