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This page was updated on January 24, 2011


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Tag No: 4582
Name: Snoopy
Registered Name: Slatex Snoop
Age: 6.5
Color: Brindle
Cat friendly: No
Dog friendly: Ok with greyhounds and larger dogs
Kid friendly: Older
Location: Woodinville, WA

Help us find Snoopy his forever home!! Snoopy has been available for adoption for a while and we really want to find him his forever home!

Snoopy is also called Snoop Dog and Snoopers and he is a kennel favorite. He is just darling and has the cutest overbite.

While Snoopy loves his neck scritches and can be very affectionate, he is not a snuggly, huggy dog. He likes to be with you and know that you are nearby, but is not clingy. He is truly appreciative for anything done for him.

When Snoop Dog is happy, his whole body smiles, including his short tail which just seems to hum! We had to remove most of his tail because he wagged it so hard that he kept hitting it on things and breaking it open. He has the cutest ears and the biggest overbite (just too cute)!

Snoopy has been in a home before and is very good around the house and knows how to use the dog door. He loves to go for car rides and walks, but is just as content playing ball in the yard for exercise. Snoop Dog loves a bone to chew, but he is not destructive at all.

Snoopy’s ideal home would be a single family home with a yard to run around in and someone to play ball with or throw toys for him. Snoopy would do best in quieter/calmer environment. He loves to be with his people, but can be overwhelmed by a busy environment.

Snoopy is very quick to learn and knows quite a few commands. He knows ‘Wait’, ‘Go Lie Down’, ‘Leave it’, ‘Drop it’, ‘Down’, and ‘Sit’.

He would not be a good choice for a condo/apartment or a home with young children, cats or small dogs. Snoopers is good with some other breed dogs, but not all.

Won’t you give this wonderful boy a home?

Snoopy's video

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