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This page was updated on March 1, 2010


Adopt Sooner

Tag No: 5055
Registered Name: EM’s Sooner
Age: 10
Color: Black
Cat Friendly: Yes
Dog Friendly: Ok with Greyhounds and small dogs (She hasn't been around large other-breed dogs yet)
Kid Friendly: Unknown
Location: Bothell, WA (Foster)
Since Sooner sounds more like a football team than a sweet little girl, Sooner's foster mom calls her Sooni. This little very soft black girl is very affectionate. She wants to be close and gives sweet little kisses. Sooni is very social. If you are one that wants to take your greyhound all sorts of places, she is the one for you. She seems to love all people and dogs of all sizes. This sweet girl is a real joy.

Sooner is a brood mom. She has three registered pups. Sooni gets along absolutely fine with all of the other greyhounds in her foster home. She is very sweet and affectionate. Not at all a grumpy mom. What a smart girl. She learned the dog door and all the routines immediately without really being shown any of it, she just followed the others. It is really quite unbelievable that she is 10. Sooni did well in her cat testing, but has never lived with a cat.

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