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This page was updated on March 30, 2008

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Tag No: 4773
Registered Name: Doesn't have one
Age: 4
Color: White with Dark Brindle
Cat Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: Ok with larger
Kid Friendly: Seems friendly with children but doesn't live with any
Location: Tacoma, WA  (Foster)
Comments: Stacy is a joy. She is very enthusiastic about everything! She loves to run, play bow, smile and life. Stacy is an energetic little girl who sometimes thinks she's a pointer. She is eager to please and is growing accustomed to her retirement. Stacy would prefer the company of a canine companion.  A stellar napper and always ready to go for walks or rides in cars. She can be a bit bossy when cavorting with other greyhounds outside, but indoors is quite gentle. she's been known to achieve lap dog status and is very cute easing up on your lap (she is small so it isn't a problem) We believe she thinks all small faces need washing and does her best to get the job done.

Sponsor Stacy
Sponsored by Martell Roberts

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