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If you would like to meet Tarzan, our October dog of the month, please contact Marchet Anschell, 206-310-8038.
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Tag No: 4474
Name: Tarzan
Registered Name: Pin Oak Tarzan
Age: 5
Color: Black
Cat friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes, with large dogs
Kid friendly: Older
Location: Bothell, WA (Foster)
Comments: Introducing Tarzan! Does he swing from the trees with the greatest of ease? No, but he will look fabulous in a leopard print collar & will win your heart in seconds flat! Tarzan is a sweet, energetic boy who loves to be a part of everything you do, including cooking, ~ but we are working on that! He has the quickest tongue in the northwest. He loves to give kisses, clean your toes (yuck!) and lick your nose if you are not careful! Snoozing on the couch is highly recommended should you need a good face washing.

Tarzan is a bit of a nervous boy and thrives on routine. New visitors sometimes alarm him but he is quick to adjust with proper introductions. He is a good boy in the house, lets his foster mom know when he has to potty, a great eater and behaves very well on the leash for his walks. Tarzan is on a daily dose of Glucosamine due to some old racing stiffness so the distance for his walks is limited to about 30 minutes.

Tarzan loves to play with his humans! He play bows (and enjoys it when you do it back to him!) and loves to run in the yard with his foster brother.
Tarzan has tested well with his foster mom’s cat and will continue to do well with supervised, controlled exposure to re-enforce, “NO KITTIES” in his new and forever home. He will most likely do best with another canine companion that will let him be the boss or someone that is home more often than not.
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