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Photos courtesy of Doug Barry
If you would like to meet Thumper, please contact Colleen Stranix, 604-946-8202

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Tag No: 4535
Name: Thumper
Registered Name: Au Revoir Sweets
Age: 11
Color: Brindle
Cat friendly: ?
Dog friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Location: Delta, BC (Foster)
Au Revior Sweet, now known as Thumper was found running free. She was hit by a car and the people who saw it called the SPCA. She was lucky, as all she got was a broken toe and some minor abrasions. Because of her ear tattoo's we were able to determine her age, turned 11 in December/05 and her race name and race stats etc. The reason she got the handle 'Thumper' was because when the SPCA turned her over to GPI, she still had a splint on her foot so when she was walking, especially on a tiled floor she 'thumped'. The longer she is here, the more outgoing she is becoming. She gets along greyt with our 4 seniors, and is now snuggling with them on the couch. It's kinda fun watching her blossom and come out of her shell more and more each day. She knows how to sit, in fact since the first night she was here, I was holding her dinner dish and before I had a chance to put it down she sat. Since then we have found out that she also 'downs' very nicely. At the vet's office, she couldn't care less about their resident cat, who came right over and was rubbing himself on her. Also she loves my 5 year old granddaughter. We haven't seen her yet with other breeds, but with her demeanour, I can't imagine it would be any problems. She has decided this must be home, because she is starting to bark when someone comes to the door. Our 4 look at her like she has lost her mind, as they only bark when they want to play.

Thumper is such a sweetie-pie. She LOVES any kind of affection, and presses her face against your lips for a kiss. It took her no time at all to learn the system here. She is also starting to fling stuffies around, and is play bowing and doing pirouettes. Her tail goes like crazy, normally like a helicopter.

We have no idea how long she was running free, as she was very skinny (only 51 pounds) when she was rescued. She LOVES her food and will eat anything she can wrap her little gums around.

Thumper really needs her own family. Yes, she is happy here, but needs her own Mom and/or Dad.

If you would like any more information on here, please feel free to call me at (604) 946-8202 or email me at . She is currently being fostered up here in BC just outside of Vancouver.

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