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If you would like to meet Tilly, please contact Alice Williams, 604-942-4530
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Tag No: 4706
Name: Tilly
Registered Name: KL's Tilly
Age: 8 in November
Color: Brindle
Cat Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: Fine with greyhounds, unknown with others
Kid Friendly: Unknown
Location: Delta, BC  (Foster)

Tilly is your typical very SWEET brood mamma. It took her just a couple of days to feel very comfortable in her foster home and she gets along very well with the 2 female greyhounds that live there. She loves her loving and will do almost anything for food. It didn't take her very long at all to learn the routine either. She is very good in a vehicle and loves her walks. She is starting to play with stuffies and is trying to engage her foster sisters into a game of chase. Please consider giving this little girl a chance to join your family. It won't take her long to find a place in your heart.
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