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If you would like to meet Triton, please contact Marchet Anschell, 206-310-8038.
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Tag No: 4403
Name: Triton
Registered Name: WJ's Triton
Age: 5
Color: Brindle
Cat friendly: No
Dog friendly: Yes, large and small
Kid friendly: Yes but see comments
Location: Duvall, WA (Foster)

Comments: Triton is handsome, loving and just an all around happy, upbeat guy. He loves kids, loves to give kisses and please you. He likes toys and likes to take them back to his bed. He's learning to play with toys and will chase them periodically. Triton loves to put the front part of his body on the bed in the morning and snuggle - just a cutie.

Triton walks well on a leash and loves to go for car rides and walks. He will jump in his foster mom's SUV and lie right down. If anyone is looking for a jogging partner, Triton would be a good candidate.

He loves human companionship and truly loves to please you, but canine companions are a must for Triton. Triton is in a foster home with 7 other dogs - 5 male greyhounds, 1 male shepherd mix and 1 female lab mix - and has done well with all of them.

He would do best in a home with a yard and dog door. In his foster home he is left 5 to 6 hours a day with free run of the house and use of the dog door and he does just fine.

Triton loves to learn new things. So far he will "shake a paw" and "wait". We're still working on "down", but he nearly has it.

He would do best in a home without kitties.

Triton is just a great guy. His tail is always wagging and it's one of those cute, curly ones. This guy will make you smile.


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