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If you would like to meet Zinny, please contact Marchet Anschell, 206-310-8038
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Tag No: 4741
Name: Zinny
Registered Name: Highwind Zinny
Age: 2
Color: Fawn
Cat friendly: No
Dog friendly: Ok with Greyhounds, unknown with others
Kid friendly: Unknown
Location: Redmond, WA  (Foster)
We have had Zinny for almost 5 weeks, and she is so smart and has learned so much. She has truly become a house dog now. Her biggest claim to fame is that she is an awesome retriever! She loves toys of all kinds…any kind of ball, Frisbees, house toys…only really tough and durable ones as she does like to rip and tear. She is very athletic…might make an awesome agility dog or fly-ball. She is definitely not cat or squirrel friendly, but might be trainable with small dogs. I think she will need a yard with a 6 ft. fence after watching her chase the squirrels that use the top of our neighborhood “fence highway”. She is very fast! She will potty on command, and we have trained her to use a specific area of our back yard. She is very routine in her potty breaks, and totally house trained. She is also very crate oriented. I am using a 24x36x28 wire crate which is ok but the next size up would be nicer. She often goes in on her own to play with a toy or take a snooze or to check for treats which I often leave there for her. Zinny can now sit on command, do a down, also a down/stay so I can work in the kitchen and we can eat peacefully. She understands “off” and “wait”; will come most of the time when called; and is working really hard on shaking. What a lot to learn…she is very smart and has a memory like an elephant! Especially when I hide balls from her. She is very food motivated, so training is very easy. The more she learns, the more confident she gets.

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