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This page was updated on August 5, 2017

To submit an article to our Bark newsletter, please contact Michelle Buchan


Every issue of the Bark usually contains a message from our President, Moira Corrigan, a message and perhaps some fun games and puzzles from our Bark Committee, Teri Spevak, Jeani Penn and Michelle Buchan which will include Rainbow Bridge memorials, adoptions, donations, important notices, contacts for our adoption and home visit reps, and more.  Here are the highlights and the actual issues of past editions of the Bark.

In order to view past editions of the Bark, you'll need Adobe Reader

May 2017
Letter from the President, Moira Corrigan regarding this year's Greyt Walkathon, our major fundraiser for the year, urging people to have their greyhounds checked for parasites, article about a Greyhound bleeding disorder, Sponsor of the Month program, Who We Are - Shana & Barry Dunn - By Donna Speron, The ‘Woofs’ of Wes ‘n Heff... By Judith Fleming, Jason’s Chicken Mousse By: Michele & Jason, To foster or not to foster By Kim Newsom, Frozen Treat Ideas, Notice Board and more. 

November 2016
Holiday letter from the President, Moira Corrigan covering the highlights of 2016, Who We Are - Pat Cattolico - By Jeani Penn, Resolve is our 6,000th dog, The ‘Woofs’ of Wes ‘n Heff... By Judith Fleming, Some of our recently adopted dogs and their families, The Mysterious World of Tick Borne Disease By Dr. Debi Wallingford, Holiday and Weather Safety for your Greyhound, Notice Board, How to Feed the Beast...the Beast being our Precious Pups by Jeani Penn, Rainbow Bridge and more.

May 2016
Letter from the President, Moira Corrigan regarding increased numbers of adoptions, hookworms, kennel needs and summer perils.  Who we are - Judith Fleming, The ‘Woofs’ of Wes ‘n Heff... By Judith Fleming, Kennel Cough (Infectious Tracheobronchitis) in Dogs By Wendy C. Brooks, DVM, Notice Board, Greyhounds and Bone Cancer Osteosarcoma – Making the best decision for your pet. By Cindy Duff, DVM, Donations for Demi and more.

November 2015
Holiday letter from the President, Moira Corrigan urging adopters to be "holiday-wary" with their pups.  Who We Are - Chris and Ross Nooney, feature on Venti, "The ‘Woofs’ of Wes ‘n Heff... By Judith Fleming," "The First 24 Hours," by Jeani Penn, Corns and Greyhounds, Sponsoring a Greyhound, Notice Board, GPI on Social Media, "Check Those Leashes," by Moira, and more.

May 2015
Letter from the President, Moira Corrigan urging greyhound owners to read the Leptospirosis article by Dr Lesley Kovar, 5th Annual Greyt Walkathon, Food donation programs and more.  "Who We Are" featuring our new North Puget Sound Regional VP, Kathy Kreyling, "Why does GPI have a Theraplate?" by Kathy, "The ‘Woofs’ of Wes ‘n Heff" by Judith Fleming, "Let these dogs lurch into your heart" by Gail Perry, Winnipeg, Canada (The American Lurcher Project), Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats, Heatstroke By Shannon Smith, DVM, Are you on Social Media? and more.

November 2014
Letter from the President, Moira Corrigan explaining Leptospirosis and dog loads the past year.  Who we are: Steve Waines and Michelle Buchan, The ‘Woofs’ of Wes ‘n Heff... by Judith Fleming, The Irish Greyhounds By Patti Roy, Swimming with your Greyhound By: Kendall De Menech, Sponsor a Greyhound, the Notice Board, GPI on Social Media, Holiday Safety for your Greyhound, Donations, Adoptions, Bridge Memorials and more. 

May 2014
Letter from the President, Moira Corrigan, Who We Are: Marchet Anschell, The ‘Woofs’ of Wes ‘n Heff... by Judith Fleming, Turnout Volunteers by Kathy Kreyling, Inch’s Story by Samara Schmidt, Sponsor a Greyhound, the Notice Board, 4th Annual Walkathon information, Greyhounds From South Korea by Moira Corrigan, Donations, Rainbow Bridge and more.  

November 2013
Letter from the President, Moira Corrigan, Who We Are: Our Precious Elves - The ROOtique Ladies, Midge Moore and Cathy Fisk, The ‘Woofs’ of Wes ‘n Heff; by Judith Fleming, Acupuncture and Greyhounds by Jeani Penn, The Canine Parvovirus infection (Parvo) by Gary Smith, DVM, The Notices Board, Lost Pets; by Moira Corrigan, Kennel Needs and more.
May 2013
Letter from the President, Moira Corrigan, Who We Are - Lorean and John Love, the last Koda and Karmer Korner, The Story of the Three Sisters by Jeani Penn, Greyt Blood Donations - Our Greyhounds are Perfect Candidates by Judith Fleming, Sponsor a Greyhound, Therapy Dogs - Again by Jeani Penn, Greyhounds and Bone Cancer, the Notice Board, info about the Third Annual Greyt Walkathon and more.

November 2012
Letter from the President, Moira Corrigan, Who We Are - Lynn and Roger Smith, Where Did the Black Dogs Go?, Koda and Karma's Korner, Your Greyhounds Weight, Therapy Dog - Why Not?, Veterinary Transplant Services and more.

May 2012
Letter from the President, Moira Corrigan, meet Steven Facer in our "Who Are We?" segment, Koda & Karma’s Korner, One Dog’s Journey by Jeani Penn, Heatstroke by Shannon Smith, DVM, Camping and Hiking with your Greyhound By Moira Corrigan, and much, much more.

November 2011
Letter from the President, Moira Corrigan, Mayetta Tiffany is featured in "Who Are We?", Canadian Thanksgiving from Koda and Karma's Korner, The First 24 Hours After Adopting a Greyhound by Jeani Penn, Keeping Old Hounds Healthy by Lesley Kovar, DVM, Roo-ray for Seniors! By Pat Cattolico, Black Greyhounds ROOOL!!! by Moira Corrigan, Check Those Leashes and more.

May 2011
Letter from the President, Nancy Naslund is featured in the "Who Are We?" by Jeani Penn, Koda and Karma's Korner by Michelle Buchan, "They're Here," the in's and out's of a new dog load by Jeani, Worms, Worms, Worms by Dr Lesley Kovar, new items at the ROOtique, The Dog Food Dilemma by Teri Spevak, and more.


November 2010
Letter from the President, Greyhound Groupie featuring Moira Corrigan by Jeani Penn, Noises and Fearful Dogs also by Jeani, Koda and Karma's Korner - a feature by Michelle Buchan, The Doillars and Sense of it - GPI Operating Costs by Jeani, Testing for Tick Borne Diseases by Lorean and John Love, Trust...A Deadly Disease and more


May 2010
Letter from the President, summer tips for safe fun in the sun, Greyhound Brady Bunch article by Angela Marshall, your aging greyhound by Lesley Kovar, DVM, sponsoring a greyhound, Track Dog Fundraiser donors, yummy dog biscuit recipes and more.


November 2009
Izzy, Service Dog Experiences by Ruth Edwards, Guam Greyhounds come to GPI, Life with Thomas by Beverly Oliver, the Notice Board, Holiday Safety for Your Greyhound, Kennel Needs and more.


May 2009
Medical article about SLO - symmetrical lupoid onychodystrophy - diagnosis, treatment and medications for SLO and more.  Oh Mama Mia, Summer Safety for Your Greyhound, the Notice Board and more.


November 2008
Goodie, tag number 4900 comes to GPI from Kansas.  That is over 4900 dogs we have brought into GPI since our inception in 1985. Oh, Momma Mia, a new Q & A section, an article about holiday safety for your greyhound, how to sponsor a greyhound, a list of our new volunteers for the second and third quarters of 2008, Kanaab Reflections by Ross Nooney, and more


March 2008
In our March issue of the Bark you'll find an article about diarrhea by Dr. Shannon Smith, greyhound collar safety, sponsorship our of available dogs, another Kennel Corner update on our new kennel with information on donations and sponsoring a kennel run, GPI notice board and more. 


December 2007
In this Holiday edition of the Bark we have an interesting article by Dr. Suzanne Stack on Valley Fever, news about bringing in our 4,800th greyhound - Slim, a Kennel Corner update on our new kennel, an amusing article about Ben, the Crossing Dressing Greyhound and more.


August 2007
Read an interesting article from Dr. Suzanne Stack on
lumbosacral stenosis, a health problem with the spine.  Find lots of yummy Kong recipes, many interesting articles and more.


May 2007
Read Moira's letter about our exciting news regarding the new kennel, GPI membership, an article titled, "Keeping Your Greyhound's Teeth Healthy," by Dr. Debbie Wallingford, first quarter adoptions, Summertime tips for your dog, our Dog of the Month feature, Welcome to our New Volunteers, a list of our needs at the kennel and more.


March 2007
In this edition of the Bark, you'll find an informative article about pannus from The Animal Eye Clinic of Seattle, information about
our John Hern “Greyhound Pets, Inc. Founder’s Trust,” Greyhound Poetry by Chris McClurkin, Montana Musings by Jennie Sheriff and more.


September 2006
September's edition of the Bark contains an information article about tick borne diseases by Lorean Love, "The Greyt Escape" by Jack Richardson - greyhound escapes and what to do to prevent it and how to help look for dogs by the creation of the "Puppy Posse," Famous Foster Stories by MaryAnne Marble and more.


March 2006
For March, we had a "Heart Felt Thoughts from a Greyt Foster Family," interview with our Editor, Janice Mosher, an article about the importance of proper weight for a Greyhound, News from the Kennel Committee, Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Greyhound and more.


The Greyhound Bark is the organization's bi-annual newsletter prepared by our volunteers to help members get in touch with the going-ons within the organization. Although we do not set a subscription fee, a minimum donation of US$10.00 per annum to cover the mailing and printing costs is greatly appreciated.

To help us reduce the cost of mailing, we request that if you're moving, to inform us of your new address instead of letting the postal service return the newsletter to us for mailing to the correct address. It will also keep our database up to date with your current address to ensure that we can locate you if your dog gets loose and is found by a stranger.

We encourage you to submit articles for the newsletter, but due to the bulk of articles received and the constrain of space, we do not guarantee that your article will be printed in the newsletter. To ensure that we receive your article on time for each mailing, please submit them to the above address before the following dates:  (Please inquire)

Contact:   Michelle Buchan

(All articles and photos submitted will not be returned to the owner unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is enclosed.)

If you wish to advertise in The Greyhound Bark, the charges are as follows (same deadlines as above):

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