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Chat Lists
This page was updated on August 3, 2017


(A) Greyhound Pets Information and Discussion List
Come join the Greyhound Pets community online via our Greyhound Pets e-mail Chat. Although the Greyhound Pets e-mail chat was first set up to serve as a connection between Greyhound Pets volunteers and adopters, we have expanded to welcome all greyhound owners. Please bear in mind that this is a service offered by the organization for casual chat as well as an information resource for greyhound owners. While free speech is allowed, it will not be accepted as an excuse to be rude and accusatory of any member of the list without proper justifications. Please be polite and be responsible for what you say by signing your name in your postings. Greyhound Pets Inc strongly disapproves of any non-constructive criticisms of the organization and its members, or of any other animal rescue organizations. The organization reserves the right to deny this chat service to any subscriber who disregards the rules here by unsubscribing that person.  Please review the complete list of rules before joining.

To subscribe, visit:

(B) Greyhound Pets Volunteers Workgroup List
This is a private list for the exclusive use of Greyhound Pets, Inc. volunteers.

If you are a current GPI volunteer and want to be part of this list, please contact your Regional Vice President (See below).   Please review the complete list of rules before joining.

Northern Washington

Janet Keough 360-220-1891

Canada, all areas Steve Waines 604-882-0432

North Puget Sound, Seattle, Lynnwood, Everett, etc

Marchet Anschell  206-310-8038

South Puget Sound, Tacoma, Olympia, etc

Chris Nooney 206-228-8942

All other areas Moira Corrigan   425-333-0515


If you have any questions, please send an email to the List Administrator.
To contact the Administrator individually:

Cathy Munro (adopt.greyhounds@gmail.com)



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