Update December 17, 2012 - New Black Greyhounds Rooool!!! t-shirts and more are now available here! Order yours today!

In many parts of the country, black dogs are very difficult to place. Here in the Pacific Northwest we know better and welcome them into our homes. GPI regularly places black greyhounds in loving, forever homes.

On September 11th, 2011, GPI received a load of 12 beautiful black greyhounds from Florida and we continue to coordinate with Florida tracks and race kennels to accept additional dogs.

Here is the story of the black dog load and some additional information about the plight of the black greyhounds in Florida and many other parts of the country.

Moira Corrigan, GPI's President, works with groups in Florida to coordinate transportation of greyhounds from Florida to the Pacific Northwest. In mid-2011 Moira was working with Florida to arrange for a load of dogs to be transported. As part of those conversations it came to light that Florida contacts (and the kennels they work with) have a very hard time placing black greyhounds in Florida because many adoption groups won't take them so they are often overlooked by potential adopters. Moira knew that GPI doesn't have a hard time placing black greyhounds and folks that know Moira know she has a soft spot for the black ones herself (especially the boys). Moira proposed the idea of taking an all black dog load to several GPI volunteers and everyone agreed that GPI's volunteers would be up for the challenge and excited about helping the black greyhounds. Moira contacted Florida and asked. "How about we take an all-black dog load?". Florida was ABSOLUTELY thrilled and was so excited to be able to move these dogs a big step closer to a forever home!!!

Many of the black dogs waiting for a home or an adoption group were in the 4 to 7 year old age range and many of them had been waiting for a spot in an adoption program for more than half their lives!!! This is a perfect age for many of GPI's adopters.

So on September 11th 2011, GPI received a load of 12 all-black greyhounds.

GPI continues to work with Florida to accept additional black and other colored greyhounds who are still waiting for their forever homes, as well as greyhounds retiring now and into the future.
To help with placing these dogs and to increase public awareness of GPI and the black greyhounds, GPI did (and continues to do) a number of things:

-          The theme "BLACK Greyhounds Rooool!!!" was created.

-          One of GPI's volunteers, artist Robin James, created the BLACK Greyhounds Rooool!!! logo.

-          A black t-shirt with the logo was produced.  Update: New Black Greyhounds Rooool!!! are now available here!

-          Black greyhounds were promoted at a number of events and a picture of all the black greyhounds was taken at the Sept. 4th, 2011 picnic.

-          A flyer was made available for posting at GPI booths.

-          Press Releases were sent to the media.

-          Information was posted on GPI's website, Facebook and many other links and pages.

You can help promote the black greyhounds, greyhound adoption and GPI?:

-          If you are holding a booth, post the flyer about the black greyhounds at your booth

-          Promote black dogs when you are talking to potential adopters about choosing a dog

-          Wear your GPI t-shirts

-          Post information on your Facebook page, or other social media pages.

-          Hand out GPI business cards when you are out walking your greyhound. (Contact Moira or stop by the kennel if you need business cards.)


THE BLACK GREYHOUNDS ARRIVED: A load of 12 black greyhounds arrived safely on September 11th 2011. Click here to see photos of the Black Dog Load.

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