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This page was updated on April 1, 2014

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While we are thrilled to have our new kennel up and running, we still endeavor to place senior and/or greyhounds needing a little more personal time and care into foster homes.  Our foster homes consist of experienced volunteers and greyhound owners who provide shelter to greyhounds in their own homes giving them love, tender loving care, transport to vet appointments, grooming and anything else they might need while they are in our system.

Most dogs that are “Forever Fosters?” are dogs that are seniors who have been in our system for a while, sometimes years, or dogs that have special needs above and beyond what many adopters can handle.  Most “Forever Fosters?” are available for adoption, but generally they are only suitable for experienced adopters or those with a very specific home environment.

Our “Forever Fosters?” are listed below.  They are surrounded by people who love them and have plenty of canine companionship at all times. 

If you can't adopt a dog and you'd like to help, please sponsor one of our “Forever Fosters?”. Your sponsorship donation will help defray the costs involved in making our long term fosters comfortable while they wait for their forever homes.

If you're interested in adopting one of these dogs, please contact the Vice President closest to you listed below or click the "Contact for more information" button included with each dog.

N Puget Sound: Marchet Anschell 206-310-8038
S Puget Sound: Chris Nooney 206-228-8942
Northern WA: Janet Keough 360-220-1891
Canada, all areas: Steve Waines 604-882-0432                                  
All other areas: Moira Corrigan 206-718-0475

A note regarding email - If you have not received an email reply from us within 24 hours, please check your spam filter for our reply.  If it is not there, resend your message then call the person you're trying to contact to let them know that a message is forthcoming.  We do not want to miss hearing from you.


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Perky Jada
Tag No: 5495
Registered Name: Sunsands Perky
Age: 11
Color: Back
Dog friendly: OK with Greyhounds, unknown with others
Cat friendly: Unknown
Kid friendly: Unknown
Location: Foster home
Comments: Jada is a sweet loving girl with big stand up ears. She likes to be close to her person.  She and Yoda were turned into us as their family couldn't care for them. They were very bonded and would not do well without each other so they were placed in the same Forever Foster home. Unfortunately, Yoda passed away recently.  Jada will remain in her Forever Foster home where she is much loved.

Sponsor Allie
Sponsored by Marilyn Baumann
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Tag No: 4419
Registered Name:  NS Lisa Labelle
Age: 12
Color: Black
Cat Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: Ok with large and small
Kid Friendly: No
Location: Foster home
Comments: Alex and Zoey were in a home together and returned through no fault of their own. Zoey is darling and petite. That face of hers will melt your heart. She is a leaner and a lover. She can be a little timid at first. She can be a little bossy once she is comfortable, but she is just a sweetheart. The poor baby had to have most of her teeth removed, but she does just fine with some softened food and some loving. Zoey would do best in a home without stairs and some runners on those smooth floors. Zoey does not appear to have separation anxiety, but she has always been with Alex in recent years. Zoey does fine with large and small dogs, but has not lived with any other than Alex. Zoey needs a home without cats.  Foster home update: Zoey is doing well. She has definitely come out of her shell. She likes to be queen bee with the other dogs. She enjoys coming in and going out a lot and likes to have the door opened for her. She will let you know if there is anything moving outside, so she may do best in a house with a yard rather than an apartment.

Sponsor Me

Sponsored by Karen Samdahl
Sponsored by Noel Rossouw

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