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This page was updated on August 3, 2017

If you are a first time greyhound owner and would like to adopt a greyhound from GPI, please contact the Vice President in your area before filling out the Application. The Application is preliminary to the adoption process. Filling out the Application does not obligate Greyhound Pets, Inc. to allow the applicant to adopt a greyhound from our organization.

Application For Adoption

(Note: DO NOT MAIL THIS FORM. Contact the Adoption Representative near you to schedule a visit to your home and to assist you with the adoption process.)


Greyhound Health Packet
Most Asked Questions
Cats and Greyhounds
Children and Greyhounds
Dog Parks
Trust, A Deadly Disease
Pet Emergency Essentials
Holiday Tips for your Greyhound
TheraPlate - What is it and how it can benefit you and/or greyhound


All other forms are password protected.  If you are an adoption representative or foster/volunteer of Greyhound Pets Inc, please contact your Vice President to get the password information. Once you have the password info from your VP, you can access these forms here.

  • Volunteer Agreement - All volunteers must sign this form.
  • Adoption Representative Agreement - All adoption representatives must sign this form.
  • Adoption Contract - All adoption representatives must use this form for greyhound adoptions.
  • Adoption Donation Receipt - To be used for all adoptions
  • Returned Dog - All adoption representative must use this form for greyhounds returned.
  • Foster Care Agreement - All fosters must sign this form.
  • Foster Feedback - All fosters should provide a foster feedback to the head office.
  • Crate Rental Agreement - To be filled up by fosters/adopters who rent crates from the organization.
  • Reimbursement - To use when claiming reimbursement of expenses involved in printing materials, transporting dogs, advertising etc.  All expenses must be pre-approved by your regional VP or President.
  • Donation Receipt
  • Business Card Template

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