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This page was updated July 25, 2013

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Brite (14)
Sadly, Brite passed away April 22, 2012
From Racetrack to Homes  
  Walkathon 2013 BC Walkathon 2013
  Redmond Petco July 2013 BC Pet Lover Show 2013
bestfriends2.jpg (3774 bytes) Dog Load Feb 2013 Kennel Booth April 2013
Dave & Hunter
Sadly, Dave passed away Feb 13, 2008
Pie Social 2013 Tick Clinic Spring 2013
Pepper & Friend Dog Load April 2013 Bothell Pet Hospital Open House
Dorie & Hoby Salmon Days 2011 Redmond Petco - July 16, 2011
Fanny & foster family 1st Greyt Walkathon, July 24, 2011 New Dog Load Oct 16, 2010
Marin and Mink New Dogs - Jan 16, 2010 New Dog Load Feb 20, 2010
Bosco and his 2 whippet sisters; Pixie and Cleo Tick Testing Clinic Apr 11, 2010 Redmond Towne Centre Petco
Free and Daniel Kennel Booth Aug 14, 2010 Paddywack May 15, 2010
Ruby and Doc Paddywack Aug 18, 2010 Greenlake Walk Mar 21, 2010
And, many other best friends Paddywack July 17, 2010 Redmond REI Feb 27, 2010
Dorie & Hoby GPI Picnic 2010 Petapoluza Mar 6, 2010
Fanny & foster family butch & beecher's 2009
Jan 31
Apr 26
Bremerton St Patrick's Day Parade
Marin and Mink BC Pet Expo 2008
BC Greyt Walk 2008
BC Picnic 2008

Paddywack 2008
May 31
June 21
August 29
Lacey Petsmart

Country Village 2008
April 26
May 17
July 19
August 23
September 20

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Tamilyn GPI Picnic 2008 Mill Creek Festival 2008
Titan Proctor Arts Fest 2008 Salmon Days 2008
Flossie All the Best Petcare Del's Port Orchard
Cinny Hern Greyt Works Lacey Adoption Days
Dalton Port Townsend Farmers Market Petpalooza 2008
Gambler First Dog Days in May Reber Ranch, March 2008
Bosco Unleashed Pawsabilities BC Pet Expo 2007
Spider Special: Almost all new dogs brought in by GPI during 2007
Very large file, not for the faint of heart or slow connections
Rose New Dogs Arrive, April 2007 Country Village, June 2007
Sophie Easter in Surrey, BC Houndfest 2006
  Houndraiser 2006 Bow Wow Fun Towne
  Fall Tick Testing Clinic 2006 Salmon Days 2006
  Paddywack Sept 2006 BC Pet Expo 2006
  GPI Picnic 2006 Del's in Olympia
  Greyt Walk 2006 Spooky Old Milltown
Salmon Days 2005 Halloween Lynnwood Petsmart
GPI Picnic 2005 Paddywack Booth
BC Greyt Walk 2005 Coho Festival
Country Village Deas Park Picnic 2005
Our first booth in
Squamish, BC
BC Pet Expo 2005
Deas Park Picnic 2004 Old Milltown
Colleen Stranix and Annie Swift
Greyhound adoption in Canada
Factoria Petco
BC Greyt Walk 2004 Kirkland Petco
Houndraiser 2004 Del's Farm Supply in Chehalis
Kirkland Summerfest Bosley's in
Downtown, Vancouver BC
Lynnwood Petsmart Booth Greyt Bath
Mount Vernon Petco Booth Duvall Days
Surrey, BC Petsmart Booth Aurora Petsmart @ Christmas
Whidbey Island Picnic Lacey Petsmart Adoption Days
Day Two
Woodinville Petsmart Booth Alderwood Petco in July
Tukwila Petsmart Booth Greenlake Greyhound Planet Day

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