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This page was updated October 20, 2014

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  Salmon Days 2014  
Brite (14)
Sadly, Brite passed away April 22, 2012
GPI Picnic 2014 Greyt Walkathon 2014
  Natural Pet Pantry May 4, 2014 Redmond Mud Bay July 2014
bestfriends2.jpg (3774 bytes) GPI on KOMO, April 2014 GPI Pie Social 2014
Dave & Hunter
Sadly, Dave passed away Feb 13, 2008
BC Walkathon 2013 GPI on KOMO, April 2013
Pepper & Friend GPI Picnic Sept 2013 BC GreyWalk 2013
  From Racetrack to Homes BC Walkathon 2013
Dorie & Hoby Walkathon 2013 BC Pet Lover Show 2013
Fanny & foster family Redmond Petco July 2013 Kennel Booth April 2013
Marin and Mink Dog Load Feb 2013 Pie Social 2013
Bosco and his 2 whippet sisters; Pixie and Cleo Tick Clinic Fall 2013 Tick Clinic Spring 2013
Free and Daniel GPI on New Day Northwest Dog Load April 2013
Ruby and Doc GPI Goes Green for Greyhounds GPI on YouTube
And, many other best friends Greyhound Pets, Inc. 2011 GPI Forever Homes
Dorie & Hoby    
Fanny & foster family    
Marin and Mink    
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