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Name: Tamilyn
Race Name: KK's Tamilyn
Tag No: 04493

"Why do I love retirement," you ask? Well, where do I start?

Since I left the track life I have become a pampered pet. I absolutely love my mommy and daddy and yes, even my brothers and sisters. We run our own races in the back yard. I always win though. I get to have peanut butter, carrots, and even some chicken if I tilt my head and put my ears up. I get a lot with that move. The place I sleep at night is really comfortable. I know my mommy loved it before I came. I really love to cuddle into my king sized feather pillows on the bed. There are also beds along the floor for when I am up to it. But I rarely use those since the couch is in front of the air conditioner. The couch is perfect in the summer. Well, it is pretty good in the winter too. My mommy covers it with cozy blankets and I can feel the warmth of the heater there too. I also get long walks twice a day where I can sniff all sorts of new scents. I pretty much live the high life now. It is perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, the best part is, I still get the bunny!
Submitted by : Tonya and Pat Mackey

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