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 This page was updated on November 7, 2015

We have placed Greyhounds in homes with small furry animals and other small dogs or dogs of another large breed and have had a lot of success with these adoptions.  For more information, please see our FAQ.  Here are some pictures of our successful adoptions of Greyhounds with other small critters.  Click thumbnails for a better view.

The Knox Crew - Debra and Mel Knox, Owners

Candace and Kira Kimo and Kira Kimo, Kira and Tyson
Kimo, the cat with Keira Kimo and Keira Tyson joins the snoozefest
calvinkimo.jpg (47183 bytes) kimocalvin3.jpg (90970 bytes) kirakimosnooze.jpg (36580 bytes)
Kimo with Calvin Kimo and Calvin Kimo and Kira


The Weller Family - MaryLynn and Tim Weller, Owners

Andre and Paddles, the cat Benchley and Lucky, the IG
Andre and Paddles, the cat Benchley, with foster Iggy, Lucky
Benchley is now at the Rainbow Bridge


The Tibbals Family - Lauren Tibbals, Owner

gracejasper2.jpg (102325 bytes) Grace (brindle, not amused) and Fenway (red fawn), with Zack and Zoey the Boston Terriers
Grace with her friend Bella at a Holiday party
Grace, the Greyhound &
her friend, Jasper
Grace (brindle, not amused) and Fenway (red fawn), with Zack and Zoey the Boston Terriers Grace with her friend Bella at a Holiday party


Tina Hastings, Owner
Jeani and Phil Penn, Owners Karen Brumpton, Owner
Tassy and the kitty Emma and Cricket Karma and Kismet
Tassy and the kitten Emma and Cricket, the Westie Karma & Kismet, the Woofhound

The Hamblin Family - Eileen and Tim Hamblin, Owners


Dale and Peri Peri and Dale Peri and Bobcat
Dale and Peri on Max's bed Dale, the Lab & Peri Peri with Bobcat

The Mackey Family - Pat and Tonya Mackey, Owners

Derby with Mouse, the kitty Derby and Surfer Surfer and Ellie
Derby with Mouse, the kitty Derby & Surfer wait for their walk while Pat stops to pet Bear, the kitty Surfer and Ellie the galgo resting after a game of destroy the stuffie.

Karen Brumpton, Owner Diane Knezacek, Owner


karmakismet.jpg (51403 bytes) Penny and Cherokee Cherokee and the bunnies
Karma & wolfhound, Kismet Cherokee and Penny, the Cocker Cherokee and the bunnies

The Nooneys - Ross and Chris Nooney, Owners


Ollie Ollie and Coco Ross and the kids
Ollie, Chris & the hounds Ollie and Abby Ross and the kids

The Pression Family - Anne Pression, Owner


Milo and Velcro
Milo and his kitty friend, Velcro




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