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This page was updated on November 8, 2015

Greyhound Pets, Inc. is a membership organization and its members are a vital part of its forward energy. Membership is open to individuals who are eighteen years of age or older, of sound mind, of high character and who support and subscribe to the purposes of Greyhound Pets, Inc. Each Full Member is eligible to vote for the Board of Directors, vote on issues presented to the membership and retains the right to use the dog park. All Directors (on the Board of Directors) must be Full Members. goodgpilogo.jpg (32957 bytes)

Associate Membership is a prerequisite for Full Membership status. Applications for Associate Membership must be endorsed by a Full Member of GPI of one year or more and are reviewed by the membership committee for approval. The term for Associate Membership is one year, and there are no dues. Associate Members do not have voting rights, however are eligible to use the dog park.

Upon completion of the one year term of Associate Membership, application is made available for Full Membership. The endorsement of two Full Members of one year or more is required along with a small initiation fee (in the $6.00 to $10.00 range per person) which applies towards the first year's dues of the same amount. Annual dues are payable by Full Members on April 30th of each year.

It’s worth noting that a volunteer need not be a member, and a member need not be a volunteer. Associate Members who do not apply for Full Membership at the end of the one year term, lose the right to use the dog park.

If you are interested joining us in our mission and becoming an Associate Member, or would like more information on Membership, please contact your regional Vice President or our Secretary, Pat Cattolico.

Membership area:
http://www.greyhoundpetsinc.org/GPIMembersOnly   (Password protected)

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