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KK's Baron
July 2, 1994 - October 15, 2003
Tag #2614
Dearly missed by Pat Stark and Phantom

I would like to tell you how I came to get Baron.  My son, Kyle works construction, and was on a job site across from a local animal shelter.  One day in March, he called me and said, "Mom, there is a greyhound in the shelter here."  I said I doubted very much that it really was a greyhound and to try to get a closer look.  He got off his equipment and walked over to the outdoor pen, then called back to tell me that it was indeed a greyhound.  He was with a great Dane and they had no bedding or shelter.  It was cold, an icy wind blowing.  I immediately called the shelter.   A helper there told me they didn't have a greyhound, the owner must have bailed him out.  I called Kyle back and told him what the man said.  He said, "Mom, I am looking at the dog as we speak."  I called again and told him where the dog was and asked if it had tattoos in the ears.  He, of course, didn't know, and wasn't interested in looking.  I told him that dog should be inside, and asked when he would be available for adoption.  He didn't know but thought it would be at least three days.  He said I should call back when the supervisor was there, but didn't know when she would be in.

The thought of that dog out in the cold kept me awake all night.  Next morning, I had to go to work at the small medical clinic where I work on Tuesdays and Fridays.  As soon as they opened, I called again.  This time, I got a lady.  When I asked when the dog would be available for adoption, she said, "Oh, he was an owner turn-in and was up for adoption the day he came in."  She said he was a cat killer and couldn't go to anyone who had cats.  I said I wanted him and my son would be in later in the afternoon to pick him up.  I had this uneasy feeling that they had no intention of saving him for me.  I worried that he might be given to anyone that came by, whether they understood greyhound needs or not.  I could just picture him running loose and getting hit by a vehicle.

When our PA (Physician's Assistant) came in to work, I was still upset and fuming.  She is an animal lover, also, so when I explained what was going on, she was anxious to help.   Phantom has gone to work with me since I got him and everyone at the clinic loves him and knows all about greyhounds.  She went to the phone and called her husband who was working near the shelter, and told him to hurry to see if he could adopt the dog.   We were on pins and needles for the next 30 minutes waiting to hear.  He called, and said he paid $30 and walked out with the dog.  We all did a celebration dance to know that he was safe.  After work, I met them and took the dog home. 

Next day, I called Amy with his ear numbers and learned that his name was Baron and he was eight years old.   he was terribly lame and I worried that I might not be able to afford to give him the care that he might need if something really bad was wrong.  Amy said not to worry, they would take him back, if necessary.  After four days of soft beds, his lameness was almost gone.  His teeth were the blackest I've ever seen, so we got them scaled right away.  He was so loving and grateful to have a home, he weaseled his way into my heart immediately.  He didn't bother my cats at all.  He loved snuggling up besides me at night and being covered with his blankie.  I wish he could have lived years longer, but I'm glad I could make him comfortable and loved in the time we had together. 

-Pat Stark and Phantom

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