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Name: Bozie
Tag #3112
Race Name: L Belle Bozeet
Born:  December 1995
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 20, 2007
Dearly missed by Sonia and WilliamTsui


Bozie went to Rainbow Bridge today at 6:15pm at Fraser Heights Animal Hospital. She was diagnosed with cancer in her bowel this morning. We struggled to let her go. Finally, we released her to the Rainbow Bridge this evening.

Bozie was our guard dog. She barked everytime people passed outside our house or at the door. She had been our good companion for 8 years. No matter rain or sunshine, Bozie & her partner Jimmy always walked with us happily. When Jimmy had fallen behind her, she always waited for him. It seemed that she said to Jimmy, "Come on, I am waiting for you!"

***************Bozie we miss you!*****************


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