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Name:  Brie
Tag No:  4042
Race Name:  Unregistered
Born:  January 1994
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 6, 2008


Once again, my heart is breaking. I sent Brie to the Bridge today. She couldn't win this battle and we both knew it.

Brie was nine years old when she came to live with me on July 31, 2003. I fell in love with her picture on one of the Halfway Home Greyhound haul pages. After much searching, I finally found her in her foster home and brought her to her forever home. She was a joy from the minute she set foot in the house. Five years was not enough time, but I'm thankful for each and every minute of every one of them.

Today she went to the Bridge to wait for me with the rest of my crew. Run free and happy, Brie. You will always be remembered with love. I sent you with tears and a piece of my heart. Your memory will remain tucked safely in my heart until we meet again.

Your Mom



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