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Born 4.16.96, Went to the bridge - 11.22.03
Tag #2082
Dearly missed by Chuck Totten and family

Buffalo, you were my first greyhound.  Because of you, we ended up with a family of four greyhounds.  Do you remember the first time we took a walk?  I knew then that I had made the right choice.  I fell in love with you.  I knew that you were the most wonderful creature in the world.  When we walked you were so graceful.  Everything that you did, you did with grace and elegance.  You taught me that having and loving a greyhound was something very special.  The love that we shared will last forever.
I don't know what else to say, Buffalo.  I know that you and Whitney are playing with John at the Bridge.  I will never stop loving you.
Your Loving Dad.


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