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Name:  Caesar
Tag No:  1958
Race Name:  No registered name
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 5, 2008
Dearly missed by Rosemary and Alf Goransson


To all Greyhound Friends,

It is with heavy heart that we are letting know of our beloved Caesar having joined his friends in the eternal hereafter. He served his life here among us for 13 years in not only as a trusted companion, but with his quiet and independent nature, gallantly took on the awesome task of aiding the healing process of his closest friend Rosemary.

He never faulted in his loyalty toward her, they had that special bond and communications undeniably a miracle between a human and an animal as witnessed by many.

Words can not express how he will be missed, and forever be in our hearts.

Rosemary and Alf Goransson
Woodinville, WA


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