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Name:   Charlie
Tag No: 3973
Race Name: Ogalalla Pepper
Born:  December 1998
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 1, 2008
Dearly missed by Carol-Ann and Adrian Matthews


Ogalalla Pepper a.k.a. Charlie. Our sweet, love bug of a big boy, joined our family in 2003. He and his companion, Patty, completed our family on the same day. We met Charlie first, and were struck by how huge and handsome he was. Like a beautiful flower, Charlie took his time to blossom from a fragile bud into full open bloom. One petal at a time, Charlie’s personality emerged, until finally showing us what a goofy, sweet, gentle love he was.

Charlie was a gentleman through and through. He loved meeting friends, skin and fur alike, and had a happy tail wag for all. His long, crooked tail would twirl like a helicopter propeller in full circular motion. Our Mr. Charlie Doodle had a sense of humour and a love for song. He would serenade us most days and even got Patty and us to join in. He enjoyed a game of stuffy toss and tug-of-war, which always ended with some poor stuffed creature having it’s stuffing tossed around the livingroom floor. Charlie even loved to shop; though those who knew him best would better describe his actions as shoplifting. He was a bit of a kleptomaniac!

Ill since the fall, Charlie went undiagnosed until very recently. He was a brave fellow who never complained or lost patience with our attempts to make him well. When we learned he had cancer, we knew he deserved better than to continue to suffer. On New Year’s Eve, we shared our last night with our precious Charlie Doodle. He started this new year by running, young and healthy again, with his friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

Charlie, we miss you with all our hearts. We were proud to have walked through life with you, and treasure the imprint you left in all our lives.

Love to you always, our beloved angel,

Mom, Dad, Grandma and Patty Cake


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