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In Memory of Chris

Cold Cash Chris
March 1, 1999 - February 11, 2003
Dearly missed by David and Nina Howe, Calgary, AB Canada

"It is with extreme sadness that I let you know Chris went to the bridge tonight with the help of his vet Elizabeth O'Toole and surrounded with much love. The big, black goofball was such a joy to have shared these last two years with and he will be truly missed. Thanks for all your caring, thoughts and prayers over the past four months of his life. It is very much appreciated. Chris will leave a legacy of helping to set up the canine blood donor bank at the Western Veterinary Specialist Center and I encourage you to please continue that legacy eventhough he won't directly benefit from it anymore. It is a worthwhile imprint for him to have left behind for the benefit of other dogs." - Nina

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