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Race Name: Canadian Cookie
Tag #1655
April 25, 1991 - June 23, 2005
Age 14
Dearly missed by David and Rachelle Woodcook

Nearly 10 years ago Cookie became part of our family, at the time she was almost 5 years old. I had no idea how much a part of our family she would become or the enormous space in my heart that she would occupy. Today I realize how much of my heart and soul she touched in what now seems to have been far too short of time she spent with us.

Cookie was a wonderful silly sweet girl who loved to play fetch with her squeaky ball and as long as she thought you weren't watching, rough-house with her fuzzy blanket and seal. I can honestly say that she was healthy and happy until the very last hour of her life.

I believe we were truly blessed to have been the recipients of the unconditional love of such a wonderful companion.

Until we meet again, be a good girl Doodle O, Momma loves you…………………


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