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Name:  Dreamer
Tag No:  1744
Race Name:  Edge of a Dream
Born: August 1993
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 2008
Dearly missed by the Enz Family


Dreamer came to us at the age of 10 from a previous home. At the time I thought we would be providing her with a home for a couple of years, little did I know that she would be with us almost 5, as she lived to just 2 weeks shy of her 15th birthday. We were so lucky to have known Dreamer, she was a tiny girl, but knew how to "rule the roost".   She was truely one of the best dogs we have had the pleasure of knowing.  Very Queen like in her manner, she would bark once to be let in or out, making sure we "hopped to" and waited on her as she deserved. She was remarkably spry up until the end. She truely was a "Dream" dog and we will miss her dearly until we meet again at the bridge.



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