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Name:  Duke
Tag No:  4545
Race Name:  GLS Justajuke
Born: May 9, 2002
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 3, 2009
Dearly missed by Phil and Jeani Penn


GLS Justajuke was Duke to us. He came into our home with a proud and gentle nature, as a foster, and we quickly discovered what a wonderful creature he was. I called him our "textbook" Greyhound. Everything good you read about the breed was in Duke. He charmed people at our meet and greets, he charmed everyone that came into our home, but most of all he charmed the human male of the house. It took about one day for him to say "we need to keep Duke, he's too good to let go". And that was the beginning of a very short but incredible relationship. We've never had another that could show us so much love, nor who was so "human". Duke's life was much too short, but he's free now to run and play while he waits for his pals. We love you Dukie.

Phil, Jeani, Cricket, Emma and Love Bug Penn


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