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In Memory of Genie
(Genie in the foreground, with Grace in the background)

June 1995 - February 19, 2003
Dearly missed by Susan Davidson and Shawn Wood, Spokane, WA

"Genie came to live with me in June of 2000. She had been "returned for placement" due to the illness of her previous owner. She was supposed to be a "foster" and only stay a few days, but she quickly won me over. She was polite, gentle and believe it or not, obedient. Somewhere along the line someone had taken the time to teach her the basics, such as : sit, lay down, stay, etc.

Shawn and I will miss her sweet, sensitive, affectionate heart. Sometimes I think that when a soul is just too beautiful for our world, God calls them to Heaven early. I know this is true in Genie's case, as she did have the most beautiful soul. You could see it in her golden brown eyes. We'll think of her daily, as we still do her housemate, Sweetpea. I'm sure that by the time she met 'Pea on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, she's her fat, sassy self again." - Susan

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