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Tag No: 1281
Racing Name: Jigg's Girl Can Do
Went to the Bridge on June 2, 2006
Dearly missed by Scott Hill

Her given name was Jigg’s Girl Can Do, her kennel name was Girl, which is how I called her for twelve years, and I didn’t adopt her, she picked me. Last night she left and I already miss her so much. She was born in 1992, we met in Cour d Alene, Idaho in 1994 after her short lived racing career at the Greyhound Park and when I first walked into the turn out pen she took my side and never left it, even after the rest of the group of ten or so other beautiful animals tired of being with me and ran off to chase flat basketballs and each other, she stayed with her head just in front of my right knee. After a time, she looked up with great big brown eyes and spoke to my spirt,”What are we waiting for? Lets go home.” Her kidneys finally gave out last night and I held her in my arms, felt her last breath and listened to her last heart beat. Between the beginning and the end are thousands of memories that I will carry for a life time. The same kind of memories all those who have spent time with these wondrous creatures share. Go home and pet your Greyhound.

I will miss you baby girl. Scott Hill

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